This week, we make sure that everything is cleared by the ethics committee before we talk about SCP-001. That’s right we’re talking about fans of the SCP Foundation!

…And that’s it for this season! Main episodes will be back in two weeks, but stay tuned because next week we have a special introduction to the podcast, our first regular minisode!

Episode outline

Fandom Facts

History and Origins:
The SCP Foundation (Secure, Contain, Protect) is a fictional organization launched in 2008 that is the subject of web-based collaborative writing project of the same name. Stories from the project often describe situations that violate natural law, and are written in an academic, scientific writing style. The series of stories started with SCP-173 on 4chan’s paranormal /x/ board.

The SCP Foundation has hundreds of different stories about various SCPs and the SCP Foundation itself, and has also inspired many spin-off works such as SCP - Containment Breach.

Search Data:
Interest in the SCP Foundation follows a strange trend. From 2004 to January 2012, interest was on a steady decline. However, after that point there was a sharp increase in interest followed by a mostly upward trend in interest with spikes in May 2012 (Possibly Markiplier playing Containment Breach), August 2014, and April 2017 (Series IV opens up?).

The top 10 countries, by search volume are: Japan, South Korea, Poland, United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, and Taiwan.

Fan Demographics:
Fortunately, the SCP Foundation website holds an annual community survey. Here are some interesting demographics and data points from the over 6000 responses for the 2017 survey.

  • Age: The largest group is those 15-19 (~ 50%), then 20-24 (~ 21%), and under 15 (~ 11%)
  • Gender: Predominantly male (~ 81%), with some female representation (~ 10%), and some smaller populations present as well (e.g. 1.9% non-binary, 1.1% agender, 1.6% genderfluid)
  • Language: Predominantly English (~ 75%), but many languages represented
  • Country: Predominantly United States (~ 55%) but representation from many different countries

Some other interesting notes about the fandom:

  • Most found out about the SCP Foundation via Markiplier (~ 16%), one of the SCP games (~ 12%), another Youtube channel (9.9%) or a referral (9.9%)
  • The SCP Foundation adhere’s to the International System of Units

Last Episode’s Famous Last Words

Is there a writer who is at least internet famous who got their start with the SCP Foundation?

How influenced is it by pop culture?

Are they supposed to be creepy?

EFG Nick
Time travel creepypasta.

The Verdict

Z is out. Cool concept… but have a hard time with initial disappointment that they aren’t all creepy.
G is in. "This is the creepypasta that I want to read."
T is in. So much diversity of concept!

Famous Last Words

This week’s famous last words around next week’s fandom, ReBoot!

How much non-nostalgic interest in the series?

Is there a reboot fan convention?

Is there another country where ReBoot was and is popular?

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What is “Fanthropological”?

How did you read this far without asking this question?!

Fanthropological is an anthropological (ish) podcast where we bring the fan’s-eye view to you! Each week, we take a look at a different fandom, dig up interesting background, trivia, and history, and try to get to why it is that people are a fan. We also try to highlight good causes related to that fandom, and find interesting things that fans have created to share those to the world. Each episode is about an hour. Ish.

Who is “The Nickscast”?

We are the Nickscast! Three products of late-80s / early-90s pop culture who love exploring fandom and everything geek … who also happen to have been best buddies since high school, and all happen to be named Nick. Yes, we are super creative (dare we say, the most creative).


We are Nick Green, Nick Terwoord, and Nick Zacharewicz: We started the Nickscast as a labour of love, and as a place to entertain and to discuss our love of fans and fandom, and all that is shiny and interesting in that realm. It’s what lead us to start our first podcast, our satellite podcasts, Fanthropological, and so much more.

We want to help others learn more about different fandoms, and to create empathy with other fans: We dream of a world where other fans aren’t “those Weird-o’s”, but just folks with different tastes. A world where fandom is full of discourse and analysis, and there are plenty of tools and resources to help. Fans building communities to do good in the world. Because everyone’s a fan.



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