#44 - Starcraft Fans


This week, we’re continuing our journey around the world, venturing to South Korea to up our actions per minute (APM) as we learn more about fans of Starcraft! What is it about this almost-twenty-year-old game that is still so captivating to fans? Or has it lost its allure since the sequel (and many competitors) have been released? And why is it so popular in South Korea, of all places?

Next week, we’ll be heading off to Japan to learn about the world’s most famous virtual idol, Hatsune Miku!

Fandom Facts


StarCraft is a military science fiction media franchise … owned by Blizzard Entertainment. The series, set in the beginning of the 26th century, centers on a galactic struggle for dominance among four species—the adaptable and mobile Terrans, the ever-evolving insectoid Zerg, the powerfully enigmatic Protoss, and the “god-like” Xel’Naga creator race.

The original game [released in 1998] and its official expansion have been praised as one of the benchmark real-time strategy games of its time. The series has gathered a solid following around the world
Wikipedia - StarCraft

Size of Fandom:
As of December 2010 (admittedly, not the most recent data) StarCraft II had sold over 4.5 million copies, and had over 2 million illegal downloads (setting a record for most data transferred by a single torrent in only three months).

By June 2007, Starcraft and its expansion, Brood War, had sold nearly 10 million copies combined (4.5 million, of which, were sold in South Korea alone).

The StarCraft reddit has over 190 000 subscribers, and the StarCraft II subreddit has over 10 000.

Changes in Fandom:
Interest in StarCraft has been on the decline with interest reaching its height in August 2010 (the release of Starcraft II), and some other spikes in (Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm’s release) and May 2007 (the Blizzard World Wide Invitational hosted in Korea).


Last Episode’s Famous Last Words

In the game StarCraft, there are three races you can choose: which is most popular in South Korea and why?

Is StarCraft an expression of Korea’s interest in sci-fi in general (compared to China and Warcraft)?

StarCraft 2 is less popular than StarCraft 1 because it sucks.


The Verdict

T is out

G is out. Doesn’t need anymore.

Z is out.

This week’s spotlight

No spotlight this week. Sorry folks.

Famous Last Words

This week’s famous last words around next week’s fandom, Hatsune Miku!

Hatsune Miku is popular in part due to dating sims.

A portion of her fanbase does not know that she is not a real person.

Are there male counterparts? Is Hatsune Miku peak moe?

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