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This is it! We’re at the season finale! And what better way to end the season than by talking about the beloved Disney franchise and its fans… maybe even a musical number? Maybe not. Given the vastness of Disney fandom (live action, animated movies, particular franchises) we just barely scratch the surface of what exactly Disney fans are!

And that’s it! We’ll be back again on July 28th (two weeks, as of this release) to prepare for the next season. Until then, stay tuned!

Episode outline

Last Episode’s Famous Last Words

Z: The people who are a part of or are waiting to be a part of the secret Disneyland club underneath main street … the people who are part of that club are not real Disney fans.

Alternatively: Real Disney fan aren’t interested in alcohol

G: Does Disney have a formal code of conduct with fans? (e.g. no dressing as characters in parks) Do they keep a distance with certain fans

T: Is it possible to not be a fan of Disney, considering its reach? What is the biggest difference between fandoms within Disney? Are there Disney fans who hate each other?

Fandom Facts

Founded in 1923 by Walt and Roy O. Disney, the Walt Disney company has created hundreds of live action and animated television and films, and various radio, music, theme parks, and published works as well.

It established itself as a leader in the American animation industry and has only since grown from its humble beginnings during the silent film era to the extravaganza you see today.

Most popular:
With gross revenue as a measure, the most popular animated Disney movies in order are:

  • #1 Frozen
  • #3 Toy Story 3
  • #4 Finding Dory
  • #5 Zootopia
  • #7 The Lion King
  • #8 Finding Nemo
  • #13 Inside Out
  • #17 Monsters University
  • #18 Up
  • #21 Big Hero 6

Size of Fandom:
There are over 100 million fans across all of the Disney network’s Facebook pages as of 2010. According to a less verifiable source, there are over 500 million fans over that same network in 2013.

In 2011, there were 17.1 million visitors to the Magic Kingdom in Florida — Disney’s three other parks in Orlando each hosted about 10 million visitors — while Disneyland brought in 16 million attendees.
BuzzFeed - Meet The World’s Most Intense Disney Fans

Changes in Fandom:
Relative to itself, interest in Disney has been on a slow decline with a rise to a high point being in December 2006, and declining to about half as much interest around now (2017). There is significantly more interest in Disney than similar groups (e.g. Pixar, Dreamworks).

Fan terms:

  • ODP: Official Disney Princess
  • Pixie Dusters

…The kind of fans who hate Kinsey for writing this edgy guide are generally known to the fan community as Pixie Dusters, after Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell and her golden magic detritus. Pixie Dusters believe wholeheartedly in the purity of the Walt Disney Company and that it represents the peak of goodness and family values; and that to sully or criticize Disney is an act of heresy, punishable by non-stop harassment on the internet.
BuzzFeed - Meet The World’s Most Intense Disney Fans

  • Frothers / Foamers

On the other end of the spectrum are the grumbling, get-off-my-lawn obsessives that are called Frothers or Foamers (as in frothing from the mouth) because they criticize everything Disney does for not being as good or respectful of its glory days. The time period the company is failing to honor, of course, depend on the era in which a fan grew up. No new ride or park exhibit or cartoon can compare to the old classics, even if they were just big, dolled up versions of herky-jerky country fair attractions.
BuzzFeed - Meet The World’s Most Intense Disney Fans

According to Archive of Our Own, there are over 18 000 Disney fanfics across all media types.

Are you in, or out?

G is in.

I don’t know if I could find a way out.
— G

T is in.

Z is in.

This week’s spotlight

Walt Disney Confessions
What it says on the tin: private confessions that people have in relation to the Disney movies, franchises, and peoples own lives.

Fandom Give Back
A group that aims to lessen the divide between fans, create awareness of the positives aspects of fandom, and a sort of meta-charity that finds other charities to work with and help out

The Race Against Time
Now in its third year of running, the Race Against Time is the Nickscast’s annual charity livestream where we work our way though Chrono Trigger, obtaining all its endings, and also raising money for the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Last year we raised over $1200 CAD, and have plans to surpass that!

This year, the event will be held August 12 through to August 13, starting at 10am ET. You can also subscribe on Twitch.tv/theraceagainsttime in anticipation of the event!

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